Dementia is a syndrome, usually chronic or progressive, in which there is a degradation of cognitive function (that is, the ability to think) to a greater extent than is expected with normal aging. There is a degradation of memory, thinking, understanding, speech and ability to navigate, count, cognize and reason. Dementia has no effect on consciousness. Impairment of cognitive function is often accompanied, and sometimes preceded by a deterioration of control over the emotional state, as well as the degradation of social behavior or motivation.


 Dementia is one of the leading causes of disability and dependence among older people around the world. It can have a profound effect not only on people who suffer from it, but also on their families and carers. Often there is a lack of awareness regarding dementia and a lack of understanding of this condition, which leads to stigmatization and barriers to diagnosis and care. The impact of dementia on caregivers, the family, and society as a whole can be physical, psychological, social, and economic.


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